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Friday, July 19, 2019

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National Administration is one of the Departments in the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government with a staff compliment of 12,575 which includes:
7 Regional Coordinators
47 County Commissioners
289 Deputy County Commissioners
831 Assistant County Commissioners
3256 Chiefs
8145 Assistant Chiefs
Currently the Ministry has a shortage of 706 in the grade of Assistant County Commissioners because of several years of no recruitment. The Ministry also lost many officers to the County Governments because of better terms being offered.
National Administration is mandated to coordinate National Government functions in the field. This was reinforced by the executive order NO.3/2014 on the strengthening of the National Government coordination function at the county level.
The County Commissioners shall be responsible for directing and coordinating the functions of the National Government at the County level which will include but is not limited to the following :-
(a) Chair the County Security Committee and ensure implementation of the decisions of the committee to enhance peace, security and the rule of law.
(b) Supervise and co-ordinate performance of National Government departments.
(c) Co-ordinate the performance of National Government functions as outlined by the Fourth Schedule to the Constitution.
(d) Promote cohesion, integration and patriotism to enhance peace and national unity.
(e) Co-ordinate disaster management in the county where the National Government is required to respond.
(f) Promote good governance, accountability and participation of the people in the implementation of National Government programmes for sustainable development
(g) Ensure prudent utilization and accountability of resources of the National Government.
(h) Ensure regular monitoring and evaluation of projects and programmes of the National Government
(i) Propagate and ensure implementation of the National Government policies and programmes and deliver Presidential Speeches.
(j) Perform the role of official National Government Spokesperson and be the liaison officer on matters of intergovernmental relations in the County.
(k) Submit regular, quarterly and annual reports or as may be required, to the President through the Cabinet Secretary responsible for Coordination of National Government with copies to Head of Public Service.
(l) Submit any other report as may be required from time to time by the President.
(m) Perform liaison services of the National Government.
(n) Undertake official Protocol Business of the National Government at the County level.
(o) Chair any other committee established by any legislation or created through delegated powers to perform any National Government function.
(p) Perform any other function that may be assigned by the National Government from time to time.


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