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Thursday, April 25, 2019

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The levels of consultations across the country at various levels, demonstrates a unit of purpose.

  • Within the headquarters we have reworked a structure that has placed experienced staff officers in place, in support of field operations effectively.
  • We are most proud to have managed to deliver on the full realization for the Executive Order no 3 which locate County Commissioners as the effective representatives of H.E the President at the county level.We are most proud to have superintended on the finalization and release of the scheme of service for administrative officers. This act alone clarifies the career path and progression for administrative officers, and will go a long way in ensuring certainty and confidence among our cadre. It is the insurance of the National Government.
  • We have fulfilled all the statutory requirements including coordinating the production of the state of the nation addresses, report on national cohesion, report on the reform of the provincial administration; the development of an array of policy and legal framework documents for the department of Interior, etc.
  • We have established business processes infusing a great measure of the accountability in our PFMA structures. This is reflected in the huge reduction in audit queries and challenges from more than 130 for FY 2013-2014 to less than 50 in FY 2014-2015; a number that I believe will reduce significantly in FY 2015-2016, and I strongly belief this to be within achievement.

In terms of operations

  • In the national government, We have overseen the revitalization of the national administration ensuring the appointment of officers to substantive positions, largest recruitment of single cadre of the ACC level, which is most significant for the supervision at the field level; enhanced AIE for field operations; introduced AIEs to the lowest level- the assistant chief, provided mobility at the critical level- chief levels as well as to ACC’s in vulnerable areas; and established government units, particularly in vulnerable areas, to increase the government footprints across the republic. The target moving forward is to ensure each field officer is mobile and with resources to prosecute his duties, a target that is achievable within the next financial year.
  • We have been part of an incredible change within the department of immigration and registration of persons. Today, we stand shoulder to shoulder with any well performing nation across the globe. We have reduced the processing of our documents, put them on the e-platform and injected a significant measure of integrity in our systems.
  • We have launched the IPRS—now with data for more than 34 million Kenyans, the objectives is to have every Kenyan on this database by the end of 2016, a target I strongly believe to be within reach. The proficiency of this database is attested beyond the security sector. Many of our providers including banks, insurance companies, telephone companies use the IPRS platform to undertake real time service provision to Kenyans. We have accelerated the registration of un-recorded births of Kenyans and continue to improve the process for issuance of the ID cards and mopping up of illegal documents.

Undoubtedly these measures have collectively restored integrity to our national database. When we have a complete dataset, it will bring great relieve to other critical national platforms including the voter roll.



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